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Ways to Get Cash Online

Ways to Get Cash Online
If you are like me, you want to have the easiest options to sell your stuff online without fees and without hassle. I have tried to sell on e-bay and it is a great conduit to make some money but now you have to have a PayPal account and there are so many fees I do not see putting in the effort just to break even. So, I have been researching some sites that will let you sell for free or will buy your items and give you cash (check) or give you money for your stuff through PayPal. I have not used all of these sites yet but will update how convenient they are as I use them.

Sell Your Books (For Cash)

I have so many books and buy them very cheaply at thrift stores, yard sales and library book sales so this interested me a lot. I found a few websites that stated they would pay you by check or PayPal for your used books as long as they met with their criteria. www.cash4books.net s one that I am very excited about. They have a feature on their site that will give you an instant quote on your books by tping in the ISBN number located above the barcode on the back. So, you know how much they will pay you upfront and they will provide shipping for you and simply send you a check. www.webuytextbooks.com is another site that I found that primarily buys textbooks through check or PayPal and will provide shipping. I think this is great because even when buying textbooks from a university the bookstore you bought it from may not buy it back or will give you a ridiculously low figure for them.

Sell cds/dvds (For Cash)

I also collect a ton of movies and often get duplicates of movies through gifts or sometimes I forget that I have a movie and rebuy it because there are so many! (Sad, I know). Anyway, there are a few websites that I found that will buy your used cds, dvds – even if the case is missing or cracked. www.cash4cds.com is one site that I found that will give you a quote and provide shipping specials for you. www.secondspin.com is another site that will buy cds and dvds but I think you’re on your own with shipping unless you sell over $50 worth of materials. www.newtonvideo.com allows you to browse their list and gives quotes for items they are buying. Shipping is included here.

Sell Your Electronics (For Cash)

There are also websites that will buy your electronics for cash. One site is www.gazelle.com. Another is www.treehugger.com and www.abundatrade.com. The only drawback I have found with the electronic sites are that the electronics are pretty new and top of the line. Usually when I want to get rid of something it is a bit older and not a brand new ipod or blackberry. Otherwise it seems fair and on abundatrade you can opt to trade items.

Other Free (or Almost Free) Selling Sites

Some other sites that I have found are, of course, www.craigslist.org and www.thesocexchange.com. The latter mentioned site seems to be in the beginning stages and takes awhile to load pages and seems a bit new so I’m not sure about it yet, but you can sell as much as you want on the site for $1 a month or $10 a year. www.gamepawn.com will buy video games. Also, there are a lot of used movie stores, video game stores and music stores that will buy back your items in person and give you cash or credit. We have a store in Ohio that will give you cash or store credit for your clothes, shoes and accessories. The drawback is that they are so picky and if they do choose one shirt out of the twenty that you brought in, you may only get $1 while they’ll sell it for $15. But, it’s better than nothing, right?


I was a Manager at a furniture consignment store for almost three years and have reaped the benefits as a seller when I worked there. Typically, consignment agreements are that the store agrees to take your items (clothes, furniture, etc.) and once it sells you will get a portion of what it sells for (usually 50%) via check or store credit. It’s an easy way to get an extra check twice a month and it helps to take pictures of furniture before lugging it down to the store to see if they’re interested or not. I used to buy things from yard sales, mark them up for the store, sell them for way more than what I paid for it and made big profits (well, for example – bought a fireplace set for $3 at a yard sale – sold it for $75 and received 90% of what it sold for). There are a lot of outlets to sell your stuff but I think it would be nice to sell for free, get a check and get reimbursed for shipping. Call me crazy but it sounds like a good deal to me!

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