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Thrifty Tips 101

Easy Animal Hair Lifter
If you own indoor pets and they have fur, I feel you’re pain. I own two beautiful cats who are sisters, black and white, and very furry. They leave reminders of that all over the house. Lint brushes, tape and wet washcloths do not get all of the fur off of the upholstered furniture. My mother-in-law tipped me in on an easy way to get the fur off the furniture and something to do with the wad of used fabric softener sheets. Grab some used fabric softener sheets, rub on the area where there is fur on your upholstery, the fur comes right up and the chair now smells great!

Create Your Own Gift Wrap
I had to giggle when I heard that Regis & Kelly had a creative gift wrapper on their show who used unconventional items to wrap gifts in. I have been doing this since high school mainly out of necessity! But I’m glad that being creative and thrifty is getting some attention. I have used old posters, old outdated calendars for small presents, fabric is also good because they can reuse the fabric for something else.
Reuse and Rethink
Let’s face it – we all need to recycle more, use less, and reuse what we can. When grocery shopping, plastic bags make great lunch bags when reused and also to cover paint in between the lid and the paint itself. If you’re a paper person, reuse the bags again the next time you go to the grocery, recycle them, or use them as compost or wrapping paper with a nice twine bow. If you like to bring your own bag, check out the thrift store. You can get a large fabric bag for usually anywhere from $2-4 each and you can reuse these for a lot longer.
I Just Can’t Seem to Get Rid of It
What do us girls do with our old Homecoming dresses that we will never likely fit back into but for sentimental reasons we just can’t seem to get rid of them? This tip I owe to my mother-in-law yet again. Take a square of each dress, skirt or article of clothing that means a lot to you and make a quilt out of them. This way all of your memories can be preserved and passed down and takes up a lot less room! This is another way to make your husband part with the shirts that have been in the closet since the seventies.

Don’t Overbuy at the Grocery Store
I absolutely hate throwing food away that hasn’t even been touched. I feel terrible that it was wasted and I think of how much money I had spent on that item and I feel like I’m throwing that away too. There are a few tips for not wasting food. Plan out (roughly) 7 meals and only buy these core meals and then see what other foods you may need. Only buy in bulk items that can be frozen, are in box form, or most beverages. If you have leftovers, take it for your lunch and take enough for a friend at work who may have forgotten his/her lunch. Take box/can food that you will never eat to a local food bank (virtually every city has one – you may just not know it). I am very curious to see if those green bags work – I would love to know!
Fabric Art
If you have a favorite fabric pattern or just need a splash of a certain color on a wall here is an easy solution for that problem. Take an old wood frame or get one at a thrift store for a few dollars, take your fabric (or get fabric at the thrift store for $1-5) and stretch it over the frame. Staple the fabric to the frame making sure it is taught. Cut off the access fabric and turn over. You now have a very stylish piece of art ready to hang.

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