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Thrifty Recipes: Food, Beauty, and Décor

Edible Mud Mask
¼ c. Honey
4-5 Drops Lemon juice
1 tsp. Olive Oil
1 tsp. Yogurt
* Mix together, spread over face, let set (10-15 min.) and rinse off.

Skin Softener
After exfoliating feet and/or hands, use a small amount of olive oil as you would lotion on your feet and/or hands. Cover with socks until dry. Softens tough skin better than lotion.
CD Coasters
Take a scratched up CD or DVD that you can no longer use and cover with a nice contact paper on one side and glue felt to the other side so as not to scratch surfaces and you have an original set of coasters. You can also use a picture that you like from a magazine, cut it to size and cover with clear contact paper.

Redo Pillows
You can use almost anything to recover an old pillow. I have used old fabric, old curtains, a favorite t-shirt, even ribbon. Also, as I have mentioned before, you can use old dresses or sentimental clothing as a pillow cover as well as quilt.
Spray Conditioner
Rinse out an empty spray bottle (hairspray, for example) and add 1/3 conditioner to the bottle and fill the rest with water. Shake well and you now have spray conditioner to get the tangles out.
Quick Gift Boxes
We all have lidded tins laying around the house and probably not in use. You can always give to someone with cookies inside but you can also spray paint the tin and add a bow and it makes a lovely gift box.

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