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Stuff to do for Free (or Close to Free)

No matter where you might live, there are many fun things to do – for free. It might take a little research, creativity or just a willingness to try something new but your wallet will thank you. You can usually find a state park or metro park website for your state where you are more than welcome to get some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. A lot of parks even schedule group hiking or activity events for bird watching, tours, etc. Fishing is also a favorite pastime of mine and although not exactly free (you have to get a license for about $20 for the year) you can fish all year using your own bait. I find worms make the best bait and the kind that you buy, ie, catfish food, smell like, well…like what you would think it smells like.

Also, check out your local library for events especially for kids. They are always having readings, activities or art exhibits for free right there in the library. Our state has a website that lists all of the festivals that go on throughout the state by month. Not all of them are free but there are many that have no admission price. You can go to your local arts center, gallery, or local college and view the exhibits for free. Another one of my favorite pastimes is to go to an area that has more than a few antique shops within walking distance and it’s fun just seeing what is inside. Also, check out your city’s events calendar and see if there is a monthly art walk or gallery showing for free in your area.

If you’re stuck indoors, have a spa day. If you’re like me you have a barrage of mud masks, lotions, nail polishes and more that you don’t use that often. Well, put them to use alone or with a friend. You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive items. Really, a lot of natural masks you can make using ingredients around the house (honey, vinegar, cucumbers, etc.). You can use a large bowl or tub to soak your feet in and use olive oil after exfoliation to get your feet smooth. The only spa treatment you might need help with is a massage.

Another thing you can do is have a themed movie night. Watch comedy movies, horror movies, or remake vs. the original movie. A good resource to get free movies is, again, your local library. They probably won’t have a lot of new releases but they do seem to have harder to find movies.

If you have children, there are even more things to do, especially at home. Check out teacher resources on the web and you can print out coloring pages or activities for the kids to do. Baking cookies together is always a fun activity. The easiest ones to make are homemade sugar cookies and require flour, sugar, baking soda and other ingredients you probably already have. It doesn’t have to be the holidays to make sugar cookies. Let them create their own cookies however they want. Challenge for you – try to have fun for free this week…

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