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Top Ten Items You Can Reuse Around the House

We are entering a new age and era in our lives and it is forcing us to be more mindful of how to save money and how to maximize our usage of things.  A lot of us ae recycling and trying to find other uses for things around the house rather than throwing it away.  We cannot control how big manufacturers package items but we can utilize them so as to create less waste.  Listed below are the top ten items around the house that you can reuse for another purpose.

#10      Coffee Containers – Whether they are metal or plastic these containers are great for storage.  The larger plastic contaiers usually have handles and are useful for storing any small items from crayons for the kids to screws and nails.  They work great for the crafter, too.  You can store all of your crafting items and organize them using these containers and some simple labels.  This will make finding the items that you need more efficient.  It also saves you money from having to purchase pricy plastic storage bins and containers at your local store.

#9       Dryer Sheets- After a couple of loads of laundry you might be left with a clump of used dryer sheets.  But don’t throw them away – they are great de-linters for any upholstered piece of furniture in your home.  If you are a pet-owner these work so much better than lint rollers and leave behind a fresh scent, too.  Just take a few of the used dryer sheets and rub onto furry area of furniture and the fur will clump onto the sheet for easy removal.

#8      Hair Ties, Bobby Pins and Clothes Pins – You don’t have to buy chip clips at the store to salvage your perishables.  You can use a stretched-out hair band, a large bobby pin or clothes pin and it will do the trick.  All of these offer the same protection of your chips or crackers without having to buy a specific clip device.

#7      Old Toothbrushes – When you get a new toothbrush, don’t get rid of the old one.  Rinse it out really well and you can use it to scrub and clean the hard to reach places in your home.  Toothbrushes are ideal in cleaning behind and around faucets, tile grout, and any other intricate place dirt may be hiding.  A word of warning – just make sure to store old toothbrush with your cleaning supplies.

#6      Soup Cans – Saving most brand-name labels from soup cans is helpful in our childrens schools – a lot of them use the labels as a fundraising effort for computers and school supplies.  Saving the cans make for a great craft project as well.  Clean out the can and remove label with hot water and soap.  Make sure there are no sharp edges.  Decorate the outside of the can using construction paper, contact paper, markers, stickers and glitter for a great pen/pencil holder for your desk.  Kids love this project and you can get most of your supplies (puffy stickers, markers, paper) at the dollar store for $1/each!

#5      Plastic Containers (Butter or Cottage Cheese) – After you have used the last of your butter or cottage cheese (or any other food that comes ina lidded plastic container) save the container.  Wash out thoroughly and you have a container ready for left-overs or to take your lunch to work in.  When the containers becomes stained or worn, you can recycle it.

#4      Acorns, Pine Cones or Old Christmas Ornaments – These items work great for holiday or special event centerpieces.  You can find large, clear vases at your local thrift store for 50 – 90 cents each.  Fill the vase with acorns, pine cones or round glass Christmas ornaments and add a flame-free candle for a beautiful centerpiece.  You can add ribbon to make it even better-looking.  I made several centerpieces this way for a birthday party and filled them with pine cones, puzzle pieces, and bird seed and they looked great!

#3      Twist Ties – These are great to keep around in case you lose your current bread loaf’s tie but they also serve many more purposes.  You can use the ties to organize cords in a drawer so when you get a small extension cord or telephone cord out to use it isn’t tangled up.  Also, you can twist tie excess cording of your entertainment systems so they are neat and place behind – no one likes the look of jumbled cords sprawling in their living rooms.

#2      Gift Bags – This one is a no-brainer but in case you haven’t thought of this – it is a great money and time saver to keep any gift bags and tissue paper that you receive with a gift.  It will save you time and money not having to run out and buy a new gift bag for every birthday or holiday.  Also, it helps to keep the gift card boxes that are already decorated when you give your next gift card!

#1      Plastic Grocery Bags – I know that most of us try to use paper bags or reusable cloth bags at the grocery store to help deter waste.  However, if you opt for plastic bags they offer a great array of uses.  I have used these bags to carry my lunch in for work, kitty litter disposal and an extra carrying bag for when everything I need doen’t fit into my purse.  I will state that it is best to use biodegradable bags or reusable bags but in a pinch, these bags work great for carrying anything you can think of and also as smaller wastebasket liners.

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