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Don’t Spend a Lot This Christmas

Christmas is here and we all feel the pinch. I’m sure a lot of us wish Christmas were a little further in the distance rather than a few weeks away. So, what is the true meaning of Christmas, anyway? Is it a new iPod, a Wii, a new wardrobe? Not really. The true meaning of Christmas is to get together with loved ones and feel the friendship and love of those around you. But, there are always the presents and the money to buy them with to contend with. There are many ways you can save money this Christmas without losing any of the Christmas cheer.


Companies these days know exactly where to make a lot of their money from – the kids! That’s right, so many expensive games, gaming systems, phones and toys in general are geared toward the 10-16 year-old audience. So, how do you compete without breaking the bank? Try some online stores that sell used gadgets and even have a trading option: www.gazelle.com, www.secondrotation.com, and www.gadgetgadget.com. Also, try out your local used video game stores for great deals on games and equipment. Your local video rental store also has used movies and games for a fraction ($3.99 and up) of the new price and are usually guaranteed.

For younger kids, look into your local dollar stores. I have recently been to Family Dollar and saw a huge collection of name brand toys for $5-$15 each. They had Disney toys and dolls, Dora the Explorer, and educational toys. Guess what? Your kids will never know that you only spent $5 on their favorite doll. Again, I will tout my favorite saving spot – the thrift store. Last year, I spent a total of less than $10 and bought 2 Leap Frog toys and a driving toy. I cleaned them up with Clorox wipes and put in new batteries and they were as good as new. Also, the thrift store has an abundance of children’s books. You could buy a collection of books for 50 cents each!


A great way to save money on gifts for family is to have a name draw. Just jot down everyone’s name on a slip of paper and each person draws a name. Put a price limit on the gift and you have saved a lot of money. You can also have a family get-together with no gifts – everyone just prepare a dish for a great potluck.

If you still feel the need to buy gifts for everyone, try the thrift store (again). There are always bath gift sets, unopened, great artwork and books. Try discount stores such as Fashion Bug, Walmart and Target for items under $10 that are brand new.


Just another way to get you to spend money this season – having to buy gifts for co-workers. Again, suggest a name draw or potluck instead of having to buy each person a gift. The boss has enough money so include them in on the name draw or potluck – it is unnecessary to buy them an expensive gift when they can buy it for themselves.

Just remember the true meaning of Christmas and do not get too stressed about buying things. If someone gets upset that you did not buy them enough, then they probably didn’t deserve it in the first place! Try to have actvities, such as cookie baking, sledding or decorating rather than focusing on stuff.

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