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Top Ten Jobs You Can Get Right Now

Times are hard, especially if you are looking for a job. If you are looking for something just to pay the bills for now until the economy gets better, here are the top ten jobs you can get right now.

#10 Day Care Teacher/Assistant

The turnover rate is high for day care facilities so there are almost always available jobs in these establishments. A caveat, however, is that there is a reason for high turnover. This job is not easy and can be stressful at times. Usually you are going to be responsible for up to 13 kids at a time by yourself. It can be rewarding but be prepared with plenty of activities to keep the kids busy and wash your hands as much as possible so that you do not get sick. Here’s how to get the job: Call the day care centers in your area and ask if there are any openings. If you have any experience with children, let them know. Have three references ready that will give you a good word. You may have to attend some training classes and get a background check, but the day care ususally pays for these services. Pay can be anywhere from minimum wage to $10-15 per hour.

#9 Fast Food

Don’t get too uppity for this job because some fast food places, such as Chipotle will pay you $8-10 per hour just to make burritos and clean a little bit. Here’s how to get this job: Show up at fast food restaurant a little dressed up (not too much because you’re not really impressing anyone) and fill out an application. Ask for the Manager and hand it directly to them, introduce yourself and ask when they will be calling you for an interview. A lot of places when they need an employee, will sometimes have an on-the-spot interview and you could start tomorrow. Warning for this type of job is that it is none too challenging, but if you can make friends with your co-workers, it makes the time go by faster. You can earn anywhere from minimum wage to $10-12 per hour. I have heard that top-paying fast food places are: Chipotle, White Castle, Subway and Wendy’s.

#8 Gas Station CSR

This is also a job that has a high turnover rate, but that means an available position may be waiting for you to fill. These jobs usually only pay minimum wage and can be a lot of work but if you have a positive attitude with the customers, it makes it a lot easier. Warning for this job is true for any CSR job – customers can be angry for no reason. Just smile and call for a manager – you don’t get paid enough to put up with that crap! Pay is usually minimum wage – $8-9 per hour.

#7 Baby-Sitting

If you know a lot of folks in your community or anyone with children – offer a baby-sitting service. This is tax-free money and flexible. True, it probably isn’t going to pay all of the bills but you can try to do it full-time. Check out this website where you can post and find baby-sitting jobs in your area: http://www.sittercity.com/. There are more like this, just google baby-sitting services. The pay is definitely going to vary but you can set your own price and hours and maybe get to raid their fridge!

#6 Seasonal Help

Christmas is coming sooner than I’d like to think but the good part is a lot of retail companies are looking for extra help as early as October! You can look on retailers’ websites for available positions or stop in, fill out an application and mark “seasonal help” as desired position. If you are flexible and willing to work some overtime this can be totally worth it. I once worked at a retailer for Christmas break and with commission I made over $2000 in about 3-4 weeks! Look for jobs that will give overtime or commission to optimize your pay because most retailers pay minimum to $8-9 per hour.

#5 Waiter/Waitress/Busser

This was not the job for me – I hated being a waitress. But – there are always available waitress/waiter/bussing jobs. Just stop in any restaurant that you like and seems friendly and ask for an application. The pay here is low (don’t be scared) at about $2-3 per hour but you make up the difference in tips. If you are nice and reasonably ok at this job you can make a lot of cash money on the spot. Warning – don’t go for restaurants where the wait-staff seems cut-throat. You will get dumb shifts, like 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. where you will not make any money. Try for the weekend shifts and evenings if possible.

#4 Flea Markets

If you have wares to peddle and some tables, you can set up shop at year-round flea markets for cash money. We have a local flea market that goes on every month. It costs about $10-15 per table and the rest of the money you make is yours. Warning – this can be a little hard to manage if you do not have a truck or SUV to carry everything in. Search ebay and other online shops to see where things are selling at (price-wise) and knock about 1/3 to 1/2 off of that and that is a reasonable flea market price. I love to sell things and think it’s great fun – but it’s not for everyone.

#3 Online Selling/Freelancing

There are so many online sales and freelancing sites that it is possible to sign up, start now and start earning some money. Some great selling sites are: www.etsy.com, www.artfire.com (free), www.ecrater.com (free), and www.ebay.com. Some great freelancing sites are: www.guru.com, www.ifreelance.com, and www.sologig.com. Also, there are tons of sites where you can sel them your items, such as books, movies, dvds, cds, and games. Some of these sites are: www.cash4books.net, www.cashforcds.com, www.gamepawn.com, www.secondspin.com – and more! Just google what you would like to do or sell and there will be a site for it.

#2 House Cleaning

If you don’t mind getting a little dirty, you can clean family members or friends houses for cash money. If you only do it a couple of times a week you might be able to make an extra $100-200 a week if you charge $50 – 100. Warning – if you hate to clean you may not want to try this. People expect when they are paying you to clean that you do a thorough job – like spring-cleaning good. Just call some family or friends and ask if they would like you to clean for them. Chances are they would prefer someone they know to come into their home than a stranger and they feel good for helping you out!

#1 Substitute Teaching

If you have a Bachelors degree and can’t find a job – just call your local educational services center or local school district office and ask how they want you to apply for Substitute Teaching. You usually have to get a background check and TB test before getting your license, but once you get it you are eligible to teach grades K-12 any time you want. Our system has an online service where you can check and cancel jobs online – you don’t even have to talk to anyone. The teacher will leave you notes on what the kids will do that day – it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Warning – you have to establish yourself to the kids – do not let them walk all over you or show weakness or else they will kill you. Just establish rules along with school rules and let them know who’s boss and you’ll be ok. The pay for subbing can be anywhere from $70-100 per day.

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