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Depression-Era Throw-Backs

Our country has been in the middle of a depression and there are some things we can learn from our grandparents’ and what they did to get through the depression of the thirties. We are so isolated from one another, busier than there are hours in the day, and have more responsibilities on a day-to-day basis than people from the thirties. But, I plan to take some of their ideas and place a twist on them to relate to the depression survivors of today.

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Spring Cleaning Cash-In

It is FINALLY Spring, thank goodness! What does this mean in the realm of savings and thriftiness? A lot. Most of us start the Spring with a bit of cleaning. Instead of throwing out the things you no longer need, why not cash them in, instead? Spring is a great time to get a head start on having a yard sale. While you are cleaning, set aside and clean the items you no longer need, until you have enough for a yard sale. You can rake in about $200 or more for all those pesky items just lying around the house. Remember, men’s ties and nice clothing sell well, appliances and electronics in good working order, and furniture are good sellers as well.

Spring is also a good time to stock up on winter wares that are now probably 75-90% off. If your local stores still have any winter items, they are drastically reduced in price. This goes for thrift stores as well. I made a trip to the local Salvation Army and bought great vintage winter coats for $1 each!

Grocery sales are in full bloom right now and especially after Easter. Cash-in on the after-Easter candy sales, ham sales, and seasonal items. It is always a good idea to check sales every week in the advertisements to see what store is having the biggest sale.

Utilize the dollar store! If you have some Easter baskets to make, head to the dollar store. You can put together a great basket for the kids, with all the trimmings for $5-10 total. Fill it up with candy, toys and a card that can all e purchased for $1 each at the dolar store.


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