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The Gift of Re-Gifting

I was recently on a website, which shall remain nameless, where there was a discussion about how class-less and disgusting re-gifting a gift was. I thought this was truly funny. If you received say, 15 bath gift sets for the holidays and really only needed 5-10 of them for the year, what happens to the remaining bath sets? According to the website I mentioned earlier, perhaps you should throw them away? I suppose it is up to you what happens to those gifts that either you have too many already, are not quite your style, or you just don’t like. Whatever the reason may be, please, if you think re-gifting is a travesty, at least donate to your local thrift store. Some thrifty shopper would love to snatch it up at a fraction of retail price.
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Kids Stuff

Part of my job when I was a Manager of a thrift store was to have a general knowledge of how much items cost new at retail price so when we would price an item it would be a fair price for the buyer. I always look at the ads in the Sunday paper and have looked online to see what the price of things are these days. That is one of the drawbacks of never buying at retail price, you may experience sticker shock upon entering a mall or trying to find an item new online. Stuff is expensive! Especially toys and items for kids.
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The New and Improved Thrift Store

Some of our ideas about thrift stores are probably pretty dated. One can picture digging through mounds of garbage in a dusty room only to find one pretty cool vintage shoe or a book that may sound interesting but mainly just layers of junk. That, unfortunately, is true of some of the local thrift stores out there today. However, I have worked for consignment and thrift stores for the past four years and I am here to dispel what you might think is the truth about thrift stores. You can find so many wonderful and surprising things at thrift stores and consignment stores.
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Top Ten Items You Can Reuse Around the House

We are entering a new age and era in our lives and it is forcing us to be more mindful of how to save money and how to maximize our usage of things.  A lot of us ae recycling and trying to find other uses for things around the house rather than throwing it away.  We cannot control how big manufacturers package items but we can utilize them so as to create less waste.  Listed below are the top ten items around the house that you can reuse for another purpose.

#10      Coffee Containers – Whether they are metal or plastic these containers are great for storage.  The larger plastic contaiers usually have handles and are useful for storing any small items from crayons for the kids to screws and nails.  They work great for the crafter, too.  You can store all of your crafting items and organize them using these containers and some simple labels.  This will make finding the items that you need more efficient.  It also saves you money from having to purchase pricy plastic storage bins and containers at your local store.
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