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Don’t Spend a Lot This Christmas

Christmas is here and we all feel the pinch. I’m sure a lot of us wish Christmas were a little further in the distance rather than a few weeks away. So, what is the true meaning of Christmas, anyway? Is it a new iPod, a Wii, a new wardrobe? Not really. The true meaning of Christmas is to get together with loved ones and feel the friendship and love of those around you. But, there are always the presents and the money to buy them with to contend with. There are many ways you can save money this Christmas without losing any of the Christmas cheer.

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Dollar Store Pros and Cons

Ahh…the dollar store, let me count the ways – one…one…one, etc.  I don’t frequent the dollar stores on a weekly basis but the savings there are immeasurable.  The only cons I could come up with for shopping at dollar stores are you may have to do some extra driving after you have already gone to the grocery store, I wouldn’t recommend buying a lot of food at the dollar store although I have found that candy is always great from there, you may not find the exact name brand of an item if that is your desire.  Now, for the pros I will dedicate the rest of this page to the power that lies within the dollar store. 
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Top Ten Items You Can Reuse Around the House

We are entering a new age and era in our lives and it is forcing us to be more mindful of how to save money and how to maximize our usage of things.  A lot of us ae recycling and trying to find other uses for things around the house rather than throwing it away.  We cannot control how big manufacturers package items but we can utilize them so as to create less waste.  Listed below are the top ten items around the house that you can reuse for another purpose.

#10      Coffee Containers – Whether they are metal or plastic these containers are great for storage.  The larger plastic contaiers usually have handles and are useful for storing any small items from crayons for the kids to screws and nails.  They work great for the crafter, too.  You can store all of your crafting items and organize them using these containers and some simple labels.  This will make finding the items that you need more efficient.  It also saves you money from having to purchase pricy plastic storage bins and containers at your local store.
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Last Chance Yard Sales from Start to Finish

Fall is here and you were meaning to have a yard sale all summer to raise some extra cash but you didn’t quite get around to it. Don’t worry – it’s not too late! I just had a yard sale a few weeks ago and made around $200-250. I will tell you how you can quickly and efficiently get one together for the next weekend.

First, decide which weekend you would like to hold your yard sale. Check the weather if you are planning on having an outdoor sale. If you have a garage or tent you may want to have them ready as a back-up in case it rains. I will add that if your schedule permits, you will want to hold your sale from a Thursday or Friday through Saturday. Having your sale on Sunday is usually a waste of time. More and more people are having sales as early as Thursday and even Wednesday! Everybody knows that the sale usually does its best the first day. After you decide on a date, contact your local paper and/or advertiser to list your sale. Keep the add simple but make sure to include key items, such as furniture, collectibles, etc. and use words such as “multi-family,” “huge,” and “moving sale.” These terms indicate that you have a wide variety of items and it would be worth the customers time to check it out.
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